An Everlasting 911 Memorial

This Tree Planting Memorial Project is in Memory of all our Loved ones lost on or from the Sept 11th 2001 tragedy.

Each tree planted came from seeds of a Queens NY tree which is well over 150 yrs old, the 911 Memorial Mother Tree has a cirumference spanning over 17 feet. Each tree planted will serve as an Everlasting 911Memorial. With the help & dedication of others, the seeds from these trees will then be planted & the Memory will be passed on to future generations.

HISTORY - The photo above is the Mother tree of all the 911 Trees, founded by Harry Zaverdas on 911, it was highlighted in a NY Times article by Nina Bernstein on 9-4-05 who resided at the location as a child.


The European Beech Tree is a very beautiful, large growing, long lived tree, these links link - link will provide more info on the tree species.

List of locations 911 Trees have been planted

Sattelite view of Ground Zero


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