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Mustafa passed away
on May 23rd 2006

May his Soul rest in Peace

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Jan 19, 2006 - I am very sorry to tell everyone that my best friend Mustafa, the light weight Champhion in last week's get a grip had a work accident. He was rushed to the hospital after 1600lbs slabs of Marble and granite fall on him. He was taken to the surgery immediately and he is on intensive care right now. Doctors said he has a chance of 50%. But right now all I know is he has a severe brain bleeding and pressure with fractures on his front face and skull. i will let everyone know ASAP when I hear smthg. Meanwhile please keep MUSTAFA on your prayers and thoughts. He is a wonderful human being, an excellent friend and a very good puller. We have set up a Tournament to raise money for Mustafa click below for details. Bless you all... ALPER COSAR.

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All Donations listed below

Feb 18, 06
Northeast Challenge II - Collected from the event on see event photos & videos $ 519
Feb 21, 06
Dan Fortuna & Family - Mailed a check $ 100
March 14, 06
Professional Armwrestling Conference - Raffle $ 300
May 5, 06
John Buxton - Donation $1250
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