Sept 2006 I finally took a trip to Greece since I was 3yrs old, the trip was not the most pleasant & it ended in a complete nightmare! Long story short, I took a bus to Athens & then a taxi cab in Athens to my Aunts house... the driver drove off with my Jansport back pack (which I had since I was in college). In it were many personal things, but most important, were my sony F828 camera & all the dvd's of all the images & video's I shot during my whole 20 day trip in Greece & of my family... I was so sick after this!

If you know who has it, I am willing to negotiate a reward in cash for the return of these items. And please, what ever you do, do not delete the images in the media card, these are very important image to me. I have faith that one day someone will realize how important these images are to me & return them to me.

One last thing, I met a girl from Patra on the bus, Marilena, if you know her (or if you are her reading this), your email address was in that bag too, please email me!

Thank You



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