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Bored, don't know what to do today,
are you in a new location or visiting an unfamiliar area and
don't know where all the HOT spots are or where to go for the night?
Well soon all you have to do is go to ThingsToDoToday.com
and find things to do in your area, like:

Restaurants, movies, entertainment, museums, theater, sports, gyms, athletics, cycling, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, polo, horseback riding, water sports, boating, fishing, swimming, pools, water sports, boating, roller skating, roller blading, ice skating, speed skating, short track speed skating, long track speed skating, skiing, downhill skiing, bob sled, bob, sledding, sky diving, walking, running, jogging, parks, baseball, football, softball, archery, festivals, bazaar, flea market, flea markets, street fair, street fairs, circus, helicopter ride, vacation, stair climbing, competition, car show, car shows, racing, car racing, motorcycle, motor cross, dirt bike, amusement park, festivals, renaissance festivals, book stores, libraries, pizza, dining, dinner, deserts, bakery, desert, cafe, cafes, coffee, loungers, bar, bars, club, clubs, nightclubs, shopping, malls, mall, study, book stores, learning something new, science, math, art, painting, printmaking, glass blowing, auction, auctions, ballet, orchestra, music, guitar, piano, concert, concerts, Broadway play, therapy, therapists, groups, help, religious, churches, architecture, landmarks, landmark, farms, country, ballooning, flying, kite, bird watching, zoo, zoos, garden, gardens, gardening, building, construction, antique, antiques, furniture, furniture making, art, modern art, classic art, drawing, painting, posters, designing, designs, websites, forums, spa, spas, massage & more... coming soon!

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we will give you all the things you can do in your area
~ (and even offer you discounts) ~

Have fun today & everyday... with ThingsToDoToday.com

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